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3. Japanese 5S Housekeeping


What Japanese 5S Housekeeping services do I offer? Here are the various services that I offer and the rates, and any associated conditions or special exception. Okay-lah, some good news for you - All rates are negotiable!


1. Auditing Services:

  • 1.1 Japanese 5S Housekeeping Auditing to help new internal auditors (old auditors keep on resigning).
  • 1.2 Japanese 5S Housekeeping Auditing to help old internal auditors (no time with so many hats to wear).
  • 1.3 Japanese 5S Housekeeping Auditing to help new & old internal auditors (provide new alternative views).
  • 1.4 Japanese 5S Housekeeping Auditing to Identify Opportunities for Cost Savings.
  • 1.5 Japanese 5S Housekeeping and Resources Auditing.
  • 1.6 Japanese 5S Housekeeping and Safety Auditing.

2. Consulting Services:

  • 2.1 Full Package Consulting (from start to 5S Certification).
  • 2.2 Partial Package Consulting (from any stage to 5S Certification).
  • 2.3 Modular Package Consulting (from any stage to ready for 5S Certification).

 3. Training Services:

  • 3.1 Japanese 5S Housekeeping Awareness.
  • 3.2 Japanese 5S Housekeeping Step-By-Step Project Identification.
  • 3.3 Japanese 5S Housekeeping Implementation for 3-5 Years.
  • 3.4 Japanese 5S Housekeeping Judging Guidelines.
  • 3.5 Japanese 5S Housekeeping Management Committee Guidelines.


1. TIJ - 5S Housekeeping Training Brochure Oct 2014 Rev H

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